A little bit about our philosophy

OUR COFEEE Guided by the legendary Jo, owner of Triple Co Roast in central Bristol, we serve a natural Brazilian bean that complements our plant-milk offering. Triple Co supply us with beans sourced responsibly from a fairly paid single farm, fostering a long-term relationship with the producer. The beans are roasted weekly in Stokes Croft.

OUR ETHOS Whilst we recognise that there is no perfect solution to consumption, we reduce the environmental impact of coffee by offering oat and pea milks. Whilst dairy is the favourite of the masses, this is an opportunity for our customers to try something new! Sceptics and oat enthusiasts alike have been pleasantly surprised!

OUR WASTE Our mission is to be zero-waste. With the backdrop of a pandemic, our mug-return scheme has been put on hold, however, ‘keep-cups’ are welcome or we use compostable cups from Decent Packaging. Our coffee beans are collected locally and are stored in recyclable bags. As we serve only plant-milk, there is no milk waste due to spoilage and all milk cartons are recycled. All cakes are home-made; to date, no food has been thrown away. We even use left-over barista milk to cook with! Coffee grounds go to compost, back to the land. Some of the grounds have been used by our neighbours to grow oyster mushrooms – this, we love!